Rowing machines are one of the best cardiovascular building machines available whether it is for your commercial gym or for home use. Rowing machines have many benefits and they are quite affordable so they are a great option no matter what level of training you are used to. Not only will they build great cardiovascular endurance as well as giving you a full body workout, they are also one of the few ways to train your body without putting any extra pressure on your joints. A rowing machine is a simple piece of gym equipment that can provide a non impact form of exercise so for those of you with any troubled joints then they are a fantastic option for your training and they can burn a huge amount of calories in a short period of time.rowing machine benefits

Most rowing machines for sale are relatively compact so they can easily be a part of your home gym. There are several different types of rowing machine and most of the good ones will have many great features such as built in workouts and a good interface showing you important information such as distance rowed, calories burned and time spent rowing to name but a few.

Rowing machine benefits:

  • Low impact on joints
  • Full body workout
  • Tones muscles
  • Builds cardio
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Can track workout details (calories burned etc.)

Things to be aware of:

The price range of rowing machines can vary a lot but there are some great rowers at an affordable price available. There are also many different types of rowing machines that offer different means of resistance such as air, water, hydraulic and magnetic. So what are the advantages of the different types of rowers? Well if you live in a shared house or want to keep noise to a minimum then you could go for a magnetic type rower. Air rowers are very good but do create a bit more noise so this is something to bare in mind and not something many people even think about when shopping for a rowing machine.

Another issue to be aware of is the type of floor you will have the rower on. For example if it is a wooden floor then you may need a matt under the machine so as to not ruin your floor. If you are going for a bigger, heavier machine then just make sure that your floor can handle it as this can be a costly mistake otherwise!

What to look for when purchasing a rowing machine:

Some things to look for when purchasing a rowing machine are as we have mentioned the type of resistance (air, water etc). Another important thing to check is the maximum weight capacity. If you are a larger person then just make sure the rowing machine you are interested in has a high enough weight capacity. Does the rowing machine have built in programs? These are great, especially for beginners or intermediates as it gives you many workout options to get started with so there is no excuses! These are just some rowing machine benefits that you should be aware of. So now let’s take a look at what types of rowers are available.

Rowing machine resistance:

As we have mentioned there are multiple options to what rower you can get in terms of the type of resistance it gives. The hydraulic rowing machine of course uses water to create the resistance. These were popular years ago but have begun to fade out over the years. Air rowers are the most popular means of resistance these days althoug they can create a bit of noises so if this is an issue for your gym or home then it is best to look at the next option which is magnetic resistance rowers.

Hydraulic Rowers:

These rowing machines use water to create the resistance and they usually use a piston or cylinder to compress the amount of air in the rower. Hydraulic rowing machines are usually more affordable than the other options.

Air Rowers:

Air rowing machines are one of the most popular types and many commercial gyms use them. The reistance is created by a fan like fly wheel and when the handle is pulled it causes the fan to spin. This can create a breeze from the fan itself so this is also something to be aware of. As stated above these can be quite noisey for if that is an issue maybe check out the option below.

Magnetic Rowers:

The magnetic rower is another great option and definitely the one to go for is noise is an issue in your home. These rowers are very quiet (almost silent) and they are affordable as well as being very durable. Resistance is controlled by magnets that do not actually make contact which is why they are much more quiet than the other options.

So as you can see there are many great options when shopping for a rowing machine no matter what your budget is. We hope we have helped you select the right one for your needs.

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