Some of the toughest exercises you can do whether at home or in the gym are some of the simplest body weight movements. One of these which is key to the upper body is of course the pull up and when people think of a home pull up bar they are usually thinking of the pull up bar for door. The pull up bar is one of the simplest forms of home gym equipment. Sure it is great being able to lift heavy weights but being able to do body weight pull ups is always an impressive sign of ones strength. The pull up is one of the 3 main body weight exercises that is recommended by every strength and condition coach and unlike the squat or press up you absolutely have to have a bar to do it.

With the pull up bar for door you can do various exercises including the wide grip pull up to target the lats or the close grip chin up to really target the biceps. Even for the most experienced athletes pull ups and chin ups can be very challenging. For those of you who are beginners or intermediate you may need some assistance doing pull ups and for this it is recommended to use bands to help assist you with the lift. For the more experienced trainers you may need to add weight using a weight belt to make the lift more challenging.

Pull up bars should be a vital part of equipment for your upper body workouts. These affordable pieces of equipment allow you to work all of your “pull” muscles in your upper body such as the biceps, lats and traps. The great thing about the pull up bar is how simple they are and they can also be easily put away when not in use. If you are serious about getting a ripped upper back and big guns at home then a pull up bar is a must have for your home gym setup. There are several different types of pull up bar available. Some are more sturdy than others and some are honestly quite useless. The key thing to look for when shopping for a pull up bar is of course price, sturdiness, portability and quality. Along with this there are different types of pull up bars in terms of how they are setup. Most are designed to be used on a doorframe whilst others can be used on a wall.

Of course there are also pull up bars that can be a permanent fixture and these would be recommend ed if you are a heavier indivudal or plan on using a weight belt when doing your pull ups. These permanent pull up bars can be drilled into the wall. Another important note to make is that many multi gyms and power racks or squat racks will usually have a pull up bar built in. If they do not then you can get a pull up bar add on for most power and squat racks so if this is something you are considering getting also then you may not need a seperate pull up bar for your home gym.

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