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Premium Wireless Massage Gun With 6 Heads and Bag

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€129,99 EUR


- 20 gear speed 

- Multiple vibration options

- LCD display

- Ergonomic grip for comfortable use

- 24V brushless motor

- 6 massage heads

- Up to 4,000 rpm speed

-  3 - 4 hours of use per chage

- Lightweight

Our premium, top of the range wireless massage gun allows you to recover with 20 different speeds allowing you to massage your muscles at various levels of percussion to suit your needs. This form of massage is similar to a deep tissue massage from a therapist only it is a much quicker solution and best of all you can use anywhere you like! 

This is the perfect massage gun to aid in your recovery as it comes with a brushless high torque motor that is surprisingly quiet. You have the option of massaging at percussion levels of up to 4,000 rpm over 20 different speeds which is enough to get into even the toughest of muscles. It comes with 6 massage heads, each one designed for different parts of the body as seen in the images above.  

It has an ergonomic grip for your comfort and it is a cordless design with a battery that can last from 3 - 4 hours on a full charge! It is also a very light machine so you will not tire quickly using it. 

6 Massage heads:

- Large round head designed for all over your body.

- Small round head for smaller muscle groups.

- Bullet head for harder to get at muscles.

- U shaped head for the upper back, shoulders and neck.

- Flat head mainly for a relaxing massage rather than deep tissue.

- Air head again for relaxation massage. 

Full Spec:

- Name: Electric Massage Gun
- Color: Black/Carbon Fiber
- Type: LCD Version
- Stroke: 12 mm
- Frequency: 4000 r/min
- Rated Input: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
- Endurancing Time: 6 Hours
- Number Of Massage Heads: 6
- Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh
- Speed Regulation: 20 Gear Control
- Battery Rated Voltage: DC 16.8V
- Size: 170 x 240 mm