How it works

Did you know that a muscle massage gun can achieve the same results in 5 minutes of use as a 20 minute massage, offering instant pain relief for sore muscles without having to pay for professional treatment? By using our massage gun for just 5 minutes every day you could really transform the way you feel physically and mentally!

massage gun

Our muscle massage guns work by delivering percussion therapy to the muscle. This is the method of delivering powerful (can be adjusted), high frequency strokes that penetrate deep into your muscle fibers stimulation blood flow which delivers oxygen to the muscle. This alleviates muscle tightness which can cause pain.The massage gun will also breakdown any scar tissue or swelling in the muscle. Lactic acid build up will be broken down and released into the blood stream so your muscle can recover. This is essentially the same effect from a physical massage which is a well recognized practice for releasing muscle tension. 

Muscle masssage guns are proven to be effective at combating DOMS also known as delayed onset muscle soreness often caused by working out (especially lifting weights). This causes your muscle to tighten which can cause muscle knots and eventually pain. By using the muscle massage gun on the knots in your muscle you will increase the oxegen which will reduce muscle soreness which then aids muscle recovery. 

Our massage guns can be adjusted depending on your needs. If you muscles are very tight then you can decrease the power coming from the massage gun and increase this slowly over time as your muscles begin to recover. Our massage guns come with multiple heads to you can hit every part of your body.