If you are looking to get a great workout from home then a kettlebell is one of those pieces of gym equipment that is so simple yet so effective. The kettlebell is great for home circuits especially and they allow you to do a huge amount of exercises quite quickly together. They are especially great for doing crossfit style workouts but they can be used for pure strength based workouts too. They are especially used for exercises like the kettlebell swing, sumo squats, kettlebell lunges, rows, goblet squats and many other proven exercises.


The kettlebell comes with a teardrop style handle that is easy to grip and this makes it easier to do certain exercises with when compared with a standard dumbbell for example. As many (if not all) of the exercises done with a kettlebell are compound movements they are a great way to burn calories. There are many great kettlebell options on the market and they vary a lot in price range. Of course weight is the main thing you should be looking at when purchasing a kettlebell however there are some other important things to consider also.

Benefits of the kettlebell:

  • Quick workouts
  • Full body workouts
  • Cardio & strength training
  • Only need one
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Great for your core

There are very few pieces of equipment that can offer as much diversity in your training as a kettlebell. By just having one kettlebell you can do such a huge range of exercises like the goblet squat, the Turkish get up, kettlebell swings, clean and press, rows, kettlebell snatch and walking overhead lunge just to name but a few. To do all of these exercises all you need is a small bit of space and one kettlebell and you can do a full body intense workout. Trust us when we say these exercises are much harder than they look and if you try doing each one for one minute each you will see just how many calories you can burn in even a 20 minutes workout.

These kettlebell exercises mentioned above give you a great mixture of strength and cardio training. As in our example above try doing goblet squats for one minute straight and see just how much you are huffing and puffing to see how these are great for your cardio.All of these exercises are also great for your core so you are a really getting an all in one workout with this piece of home gym equipment. Another great benefit of the kettlebell is that you only need one and they are very affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to get a good workout with a kettlebell and you also don’t need a huge amount of space like you would for a multi gym or a squat rack for example.

The kettlebell can be used anywhere once you have a bit of space to do the exercise that is all you need. They are also easily transported and they do not take up much space so can be easily stored away when not in use. The saying enough room to swing a cat comes to mind but in this case it is a kettlebell!

What to look for when shopping for a kettlebell:

  • Weight for high volume
  • Grip
  • Height

The first thing to look for when shopping for a kettlebell is of course the weight. You want a weight that will challenge you but obviously not something that you are struggling with and can’t get a workout in. Bare in mind that kettlebell style workouts are high volume so you want a weight that is challenging but nothing that you are struggling with. A minute is a long time to do kettlebell swings so keep this in mind and don’t go too crazy on the weight.

Another thing you need to look for is the grip. You need a comfortable grip as you will be holding on to this for a minute at a time usually and you don’t want to not complete the workout because you are losing your grip. You want to struggle with the workout because you are working the intended muscles. You want a grip that is easy to hold and easy on the hands. You also want a grip that feels sturdy.

You also need to check the height of the kettlebell. If you are doing exercises such as the goblet squat you want to make sure it is not too high or low as this will affect your technique. Check the height of the kettlebell before purchasing so as to avoid one that is too low or high and one that will negatively affect your workout.

The kettlebell is a great piece of gym equipment and perfect for your home workout no matter what size home you have. This is a great piece of equipment to mix up your workouts and get a sweat on all at the same time.



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