Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit but not everyone has the time to get on a bike and go for a cycle. Also some people in urban areas can get quite nervous cycling on busy roads and this is another reason why an exercise bike or spin bike is a great addition to your home. Due to Covid-19 people in Ireland are instructed to only exercise within 2kms of their home. This simply means that you cannot really go for a cycle and that has increased the popularity of exercise bikes and spin bikes a huge amount!

Shopping for an exercise or spin bike can be quite stressful as there is a huge range of options available and at various price ranges. An exercise bike much like the rowing machine give a great not impact form of exercise that can really boost your cardiovascular endurance. Not only that but they are a great lower body workout. It is not a coincidence that most cyclists have well toned legs!

Having an exercise bike or spin bike can make exercising really straight forward. You can get up in the morning before work and jump on your exercise bike for 30 minutes and you are done! This takes away the stress of going out on the road and also saves you a lot of time! As soon as you are finished you hop off the spin bike and you are at home!

Exercise bikes are extremely popular and there is a huge range of options on the market. They vary a lot in price and of course you are getting different levels in quality and features in the various price ranges. Firstly let’s look at the differences between an exercise bike and a spin bike.

Differences between an exercise and spin bike:

The Spin Bike:

spin bike


  • Replicates a real bike
  • No wall socket required
  • Full body workout
  • Can stand on pedals
  • Improves cardio
  • Burns a lot of carlories
  • Easy on the joints

Both of these are very popular and most gyms have both options. A lot of gyms also offer a spin class, so what is the difference between the two? Whilst they are look similar there some stark differences between the two bikes. A spin bike is a no BS piece of kit. There is very little fluff with these bikes and that is what we like about them! Usually they will have a water holder and a basic LCD screen showing some information like calories burned, speed etc. A spin bike also known as an indoor cycle bike is made to replicate outdoor cycling as much as possible. It is used by many professional cyclists when the weather does not permit for actual cycling as well as for general fitness. A spin bike does not need to be plugged in unlike an exercise bike and this means it can be used anywhere. A spin bike is very easy on the joints and is a low impact form of exercise which is important for a lot of people with bad knees, hips and other injuries.

On a spin bike you lean forward on the handle bars much like you would when cycling a real bike. The pedals turn a flywheel which creates the resistance. This has a fixed gear so it will keep turning the pedals when you have stopped cycling much like a real bike would continue to go after you stop peddling from the momentum built up. The pedals on a spin bike are the same as you would have on a bike and you can stand on the pedals just like on a real bike when running into more resistance (like going up a hill etc). You may have seen people in spin classes standing on the pedals as they increase the resistance. These are great pieces of kit and quite affordable!

Exercise Bikes:


  • Lower back support
  • More workout options
  • Improves cardio
  • Burns a lot of carlories
  • Easy on the joints

An exercise bike is a bigger machine than a spin bike and it comes with a padded seat with a back support with the pedals positioned more forward than on a spin bike (and real bike). It can feel a little bit awkward at first. The seat with back support is great for people with back problems and it allows you to get a great cardio workout in. A big difference between the spin bike and the exercise bike is that when you stop peddling the exercise bike the pedals stop turning so it does not mimic a real bike as much as a spin bike does.

The resistance on an exercise bike can be easily increased or decreased and this is created by a magnetic system. The LCD displays on an exercise bike is much bigger than a spin bike and it will include workout programs for you to follow along with. The exercise bike isolates the legs where as the spin bike gives you more of a full body workout.

Both a spin bike and an exercise bike are vital to your home workout regime. They are an excellent way to burn calories and are low impact forms of exercise so are easy on the body.



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