Massage guns can work your entire body!

Our massage guns can do the same work as a 20 minute deep tissue massage in just 5 minutes and with 6 different massage heads you can work your entire body!

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About our Muscle Massage Guns:

- Speeds up recovery by improving blood circulation to the muscles

- Alleviates muscles tension and tightness due to percussion therapy (myofascial release)

- Can help enhance range of motion by releasing "knots in the muscle"

- Can help overall wellness and stress levels due to the release of tension in the body

Do you suffer from myofascial trigger points often known as "muscle knots" whether this be from working out, playing sport of even just sitting at your desk for hours each day? Our massage guns are a deep tissue massager meaning that by using one of our massage guns you can help relieve stress in the muscle and relax the body by myofascial release much like a physical therapist would do. It will also increase blood circulation which allows more oxegen and nutrients to reach your muscles. Our muscle massage guns also release lactic acid that can build up as a result of exercise. They also break up scar tissue which can alleviate pain and free up your muscle, this in turn can help improve your range of motion.

By using one of our muscle massage guns Ireland you can give yourself the recovery treatment you need at home. Whilst many athletes and even office workers suffer from muscle pain, many do not take the action needed to release this tension in the muscles. Now you are able to do it at home! All of our muscle massage guns come with multiple heads so there is not part of the body that can hide from its healing process.

Why use us?

- Next day delivery nationwide

- 100% Irish owned business

- Free delivery on all products

- 1 year warranty on all massage guns

- High quality products without the premium price tag