Are you looking to fit out your home or commercial gym with some top of range, high quality gym equipment? Then look no further! offer reviews and advice on a huge range of home and commercial gym equipment including products like cross trainers, rowing machines, weight bench, squat and power racks, multi gyms, elliptical trainer and more! We also review a range of boxing and kickboxing equipment, yoga mats, foam rollers and anything else you can think of when it comes to gym or fitness equipment.

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak closing down public gyms having your own gym equipment and exercise equipment is now more important than ever. Body weight workouts are great but after a while you will need to up the resistance in orders to make the gains you are looking for. With the right equipment whether it be cardio or strength equipment you can make serious gains from home. There is a huge range of equipment to choose from and we have reviews on everything from home multi gyms to the best foam roller for your needs and we hope with our reviews that you can get the right equipment for you. Not all fitness equipment is equal and if you are a very experience athlete or weight lifter then you will probably know exactly what you are after and that is great! If you are beginner or intermediate then the huge range of exercise equipment available can be quite daunting. Even the use of resistance bands can make your home workout much more challenging but let’s take a look at some equipment that can really help your workouts:


Rowing Machines:

A rowing machine is a great way to boost your cardiovascular endurance without putting any extra pressure on your joints. Most good rowing machines are also quite portable and can be easily folded up so they do not take up as much space in your gym or home as you might think. A rowing machine is great for giving you a full body workout and a good rower will have many built in workouts as well as a good interface to measure vital information such as calories burned, distance rowed and speed.

Weight Benches:

A weight bench is one of the most vital pieces of gym equipment you can have in your home and it is one of the first pieces of fitness equipment you should look for when building your home gym. If you are serious about strength training then you need to have a good weights bench. This will allow you to do an almost endless amount of strength training exercises. Some of these exercises include bench or dumbbell press, skull crushers, various core exercises, shoulder press, chest flys and many many more! There are a number of different weight benches such as the flat bench, adjustable weight bench and more. Go to our weights bench page to read more what is available.

Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer:

The cross trainer also known as an elliptical trainer is a great machine and are some of the best gym equipment to give you a full body workout without being hard on your joints. These machines can give you a really tough, low impact workout which is great for those of you with any knee, hip or back injuries or even for those of you who don’t want to put any extra pressure on your joints.

Unlike treadmills or road running you are not putting any extra heavy impacts on your joints. This means that you can go as long as you want (or can!) to burn as many calories as possible as well as upping your cardiovascular endurance. On average a person can burn 240 calories in 30 minutes on a cross trainer with a low intensity workout however you can up this to 500 calories or more by upping the intensity. When it comes to low impact cardio machines this is one of the best along with an exercise or spin bike and the rowing machine which again provide low impact ways to workout.

Exercise and Spin Bikes:

Both of the exercise and spin bike options are similar to the cross trainer are built for low impact, cardiovascular workouts and these are great for getting the heart pumping! Is it even a home gym without an exercise bike?An exercise or spin bike are also great for working your lower body and can really tone up the legs. There are many options when it comes to exercise and spin bikes and we think we have narrowed it down to what we think are the best options. Check out our dedicated exercise and spin bike page for more information on these great machines.





Some of you may still wonder why running inside on a treadmill is so attractive when you can run outside however a good treadmill gives you many great training options and it can also be a lot more attractive to run on a treadmill in the depths of an Irish winter! Most treadmills for sale will allow you to run on an incline, have built in workouts as well as track your distance, calories burned, heart rate and other important information. Visit our treadmills page for more information on some great models.





Power rack and Squat rack:

When it comes to serious strength training you simply must have a good power rack or squat rack. A good power rack will allow you to do important compound movements such as over head press, deadlifts, squats bench press and more. Many of the good power and sqaut racks will have a pull up bar included as part of the rack so they really are an all in one strength training piece of fitness equipment. These are a crucial piece of equipment for your home gym and there are many great options which you can read about in our power and squat rack section.




Multi Gym:

A multi gym is an all in one piece of equipment that will allow you to do almost any part of the body. A good multi gym will have a built in bench press, leg extension and curl equipment, chest fly handles, glute ham raise section (that can be used for many core exercises) and allow for other important shoulder and leg exercises. This is a really grat option if you want to get an all in one solution and they are more affordable than you might think! Check out our multi gym page for more information on these all in one beasts!




Pull Up Bar:

A pull up bar is vital to work the upper body muscles such as the biceps and lats at home. This small piece of equipment can open up a lot of possibilities by allowing you to use your own body weight t o work important back muscles. There are several different types of pull up bars and some are more portable than others but either way they are a must have piece of equipment for your pull exercises.

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