MESTECH Research Fellows

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Dr. Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a graduate of Limerick Institute of Technology where she achieved her first class honours degree in Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis.She graduated top of her class and was awarded the JVA Award for excellence. She recently graduated with a PhD from Dublin City University as a member of Professor Fiona Regan’s research group where she developed a risk index for use in water quality monitoring. Lisa is currently working as a Post Doctoral Fellow in DCU researching the use of passive sampling as a water monitoring tool.

Caroline Headshot

Dr. Caroline Murphy

Caroline graduated with a Degree in Biochemistry from Trinity College Dublin in 2004. Caroline finished her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Immunology in Trinity College Dublin in 2009 under the guidance of Professor Luke O’Neill. Caroline came to DCU in November 2009 where she began work as a Postdoctoral researcher in Professor Richard O’Kennedy’s laboratory. Caroline has recently started working as part of MESTECH where her aim is to further develop the portable monitoring system and advancing it to an automated system to detect a range of economically relevant harmful marine toxin. Caroline also participated in two FP7 grant proposals with Professor Fiona Regan.


Dr. Dian Zhang

Dr. Dian Zhang graduated from Dublin City University (DCU) with a B.Eng in Digital Media Engineering in 2009. After completion of his undergraduate degree he was employed as a research assistant by Clarity: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies at DCU. During this time he was involved in development for the InSPeCT (Integrated Surveillance for Port Container Traffic) system. He began his PHD with MESTECH at the School of Electronic Engineering DCU on Image Sense-Early Warning Sensing Network Using Digital Imagery and Surrogate Sensor Measurements and awarded in 2015. He is currently a Post Doctoral Fellow at MESTECH and Insight research center.