MESTECH Post Graduate Researchers


Maria O’Neill

Maria O’Neill is a 3rd year Analytical Science student in DCU. She stated her six month INTRA placement with MESTECH in collaboration with SmartBay Ireland and the Marine Institute in April 2014. The main objectives of her project is to analyse a historical data set of environmental monitoring in the Burrishoole catchment in Newport in Co.Mayo. The data collected comprises real-time sensor data related to environmental water quality parameters. She primarily based in DCU under the supervision of Prof. Fiona Regan and Dr Tim Sullivan. She will also spend short periods of time in Newport in Co.Mayo with Dr Elvira de Eyto of the Marine Institute.

jaime moreno

Jaime Moreno Aguilar

Jaime Moreno graduated in Marine Sciences from University of Cadiz (Spain), focusing on living marine resources. After his degree he carried out internships at Sea Life Centre, Bray and at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Cadiz, working in several projects and campaigns. Jaime has joined MESTECH and is currently working on a biofouling project under the supervision of Prof Fiona Regan.


Gillian Duffy

Gillian Duffy, a recent graduate from Analytical Science in DCU has started her PhD at MESTECH working on the optimisation of phosphate and nitrate sensors for the monitoring of nutrients in freshwaters. The project is in collaboration with Prof Jennifer Tank at the Environmental Change Initiative at the University of Notre Dame and the project will involve the deployment of these sensors at both DCU and Notre Dame field sites. The research is important for quantifying the influence of agriculture on freshwater and also for effective water management throughout Irish, European and American river basins. As part of this prestigious fellowship, Gillian will spend a year at Notre Dame during her PhD.


Dr. Ciprian Briciu-Burghina

Ciprian Briciu is currently a PhD student in DCU, in Professor’s Fiona Regan group. He graduated from “Politehnica” University of Timisoara – Romania, Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Faculty in July 2009 with a degree in Organic Chemistry. He works as part of ATWARM (Advanced Technologies for Water Resource Management) which is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by the EC FP7 People Programme. He joined this programme in October 2011 and his project is entitled: ”The development and deployment of a faecal matter sensor in marine and freshwater environments”. Currently he is working towards the development of the sensing platform, and investigates different strategies for the assessment of faecal pollution.

alan x

Alan Barrett

Alan was awarded a Beaufort Undergraduate Research Scholarship Programme in 2013 before graduating from Dublin City University with a B.Sc in Analytical Science. Alan’s internship was spent under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Sullivan and Prof. Fiona Regan. The Beaufort project and final year undergraduate research project both related to the issue of biofouling, focusing on superhydrophobic antifouling. After graduating he then continued in the MESTECH research group working as a research assistant working with Dr. Aoife Power on the development of novel materials for industrial applications. Alan has recently commenced an Irish Research Council and National Infrastructure Access Programme funded PhD ‘Development of novel nano-surface enhancement for the development of improved antifouling materials for marine sensing applications’.