Water Level Monitoring Collaboration With Kingspan

18th Jul, 2016
MESTECH are collaborating with Kingspan’s Environmental Department, in Co. Armagh, to create an affordable sonic sensor that can be used for water level monitoring. The sensors are currently …
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Europt[r]ode 2016

23rd May, 2016
MESTECH had a great presence at Europt[r]ode VIII, a biannual conference on optical chemical sensors and biosensors, which took place on March 20-23rd in Graz, Austria. PhD students Ivan Maguire …
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DCU Water Institute Week

22nd Jan, 2016
Monday the 25th of January MESTECH researchers will be involved in the organisation, as well as presenting at the DCU Water Institute Week. A number events will be run as outlined below. We hope to …
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Passive Sampling Project – Hasta luego Monterrey!

16th Dec, 2015
By Lisa Jones (MESTECH). Today marks my last day in Monterrey, Mexico. It was a productive week, our sampling was carried out and the water extractions are underway. The samplers will be recalled in a …
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Passive Sampling Project – Passive Sampling in Monterrey

14th Dec, 2015
By Lisa Jones (MESTECH). Today we hit the road at 7 am from Tec de Monterrey after meeting to gather the equipment and load up the truck. We were equipped with bottles to provide us with 24L of water …
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Passive Sampling Project – Tecnológica de Monterrey

11th Dec, 2015
By Lisa Jones (MESTECH). Yesterday was my first day here at Tec de Monterrey. I had a meeting with Dr. Roberto Parra to discuss the passive sampling work. Sara Cuellar, who will be working with me on …
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Passive Sampling Project – En route to Monterrey

9th Dec, 2015
By Lisa Jones (MESTECH). Today was all about getting to Monterrey and settled in on campus at Tenológica de Monterrey before starting work tomorrow. Luckily there are direct flights from Puebla …
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Passive Sampling Project – Cholula

7th Dec, 2015
By Lisa Jones (MESTEC). Just a bit about the town of Cholula where I have been staying while visiting UDLAP: Cholula is just west of the city of Puebla. It is a highly religious area and is rumored to …
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Passive Sampling Project – Atoyac River study

4th Dec, 2015
By Lisa Jones (MESTECH). While we are prepare to deploy the passive sampling devices, let’s take a look at the study catchment: the Atoyac River (Río Atoyac). As mentioned in the last post, the …
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Ocean & Climate forum today at COP21

3rd Dec, 2015
Watch live the Ocean & Climate Forum, organized by the Ocean & Climate Platform, by clicking in the following link:   …
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