MESTECH Undergraduate Internship Programme

The MESTECH Internship Programme provides students with first-hand experience of a multidisciplinary research environment at the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) at Dublin City University. It aims to excite a lasting interest in science and technology and increase awareness of environmental research. The programme is open to undergraduate science & engineering students from third-level institutions.

Projects are carried out in NCSR laboratories for a period of three months during the summer period. The programme develops new opportunities in areas such as biosensors, analytical science, remote sensing, high speed separations, optical sensors and biochip platforms. Students are supervised by Beaufort Principal Investigators and are assigned mentors to support their research projects. As well as promoting the development of the students’ research skills, the programme also equips them with transferable skills such as communications, project design and teamwork. The programme culminates with a half-day symposium at which the students make an oral and poster presentation on their research project to NCSR researchers (faculty, postdoctoral and postgraduate). NCSR Undergraduate Hamilton students also present their research projects at the annual Hamilton/MESTECH Symposium.

MESTECH is offering internships for undergraduate science and engineering students. These 3 month scholarships provide students with direct experience of laboratory research, where they integrate with members of a multi-disciplinary team. The programme aims to give students an opportunity to extend themselves intellectually, beyond the limits of degree course and gain valuable experience for their future careers.

How to Apply:

Details about the 2014 scholarships will be available in early 2014

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