Water Level Monitoring Collaboration With Kingspan

18th Jul, 2016

MESTECH are collaborating with Kingspan’s Environmental Department, in Co. Armagh, to create an affordable sonic sensor that can be used for water level monitoring. The sensors are currently commercially sold old tank monitors. The sensors were deployed at 11 locations in Dublin. For this study four of the sensors were deployed in areas where existing hydrometric monitoring sensors (maintained by Dublin City Council) are deployed in order to validate our sensors. The sensors were deployed in July 2015 and have been collecting data continuously since then.  Frequency of data collection is at 15-min intervals and thresholds and alerts have been implemented and tested.  This work demonstrates the potential of affordable technology for monitoring water level, and also the capacity of data analytics to provide valuable information to the users. This work is being carried out by Masters Student Maria O’Neill and Postdoc Dr Dian Zhang.