DCU Water Institute Week

22nd Jan, 2016

DCU logo - goldMonday the 25th of January MESTECH researchers will be involved in the organisation, as well as presenting at the DCU Water Institute Week. A number events will be run as outlined below. We hope to see you over the course of the events, and would be most grateful if you could pass on the word to students and colleagues who you think may be interested in attending.

Event 1

Monday 25th: Marine Science Art Fusion “Diaphanous Beneath” & reception,

4-7pm, Stokes Foyer

Diaphanous Beneath

What lies beneath? Below the waters transparent surface there is growth. Drawing on research from DCU Water Institute’s Marine and Environmental Sensing Technology Hub (MESTECH) Diaphanous Beneath is a collection of garments which explores and interprets the growth, layering and patterns of the diatom and crab surface. Materials are manipulated, layered and embellished to represent the expansion of organic matter and the clear and translucent quality of the sea.

Growth, action and reaction, layering, repellent surfaces, complex details. Fashion meets Science in this 3-dimensionsal visual exploration of these biofilm forming organisms.

To register email jane.wall@dcu.ie

Event 2 

Tuesday 26th: Photography Exhibition – DCU Library

Underwater vision system for the identification of sharks and other marine species.

Event 3

Wednesday 27th: Sensors for Water Interst Group (SWIG) workshop,

9.30am – 4pm. (S206/9)

Coastal Pollution Monitoring Workshop

The SWIG Coastal Pollution Monitoring Workshop will address the impact of EU Directives including Water Framework, Bathing  Waters and Shellfish to monitoring of rivers through to coastal waters under current pressures from both industrial and natural  pollution.  The Workshop will provide delegates the opportunity to learn about current monitoring projects and practices from regulators,  academics, water companies and sensor suppliers from both the UK and Ireland. The workshop will look at monitoring technologies for application to coasts, ports, marinas affecting leisure users,  fisheries,  aquaculture and bathing waters

To register go to: http://www.swig.org.uk/event/marine-monitoring/

Event 4

Thursday 28th: DCU Water Institute/Agilent Symposium, 9.30am – 5pm (S206/9)

Advanced Analytical Methods for Environmental Analysis of Water

This symposium will bring experts from Ireland, Europe and the United States to show applications of advanced analytical methodologies for the field of water monitoring. Topics cover emerging contaminants, challenges of detection and matrix and global water perspectives.

To register go to: http://www.agilent.com/cs/agilent/en-gb/promotions/dcu-water-seminar-ei

Any queries can be directed to Prof. Fiona Regan at Fiona.Regan@dcu.ie or to Jane Wall at jane.wall@dcu.ie