Passive Sampling Project – Tecnológica de Monterrey

11th Dec, 2015

By Lisa Jones (MESTECH).

Yesterday was my first day here at Tec de Monterrey. I had a meeting with Dr. Roberto Parra to discuss the passive sampling work. Sara Cuellar, who will be working with me on this project, gave me a tour of the labs, all state-of-the-art equipment. While environmental analysis is still being carried out, specifically work on algae and methane production from wastewater treatment processes, there is a big push towards food testing.












In the afternoon I had a tour of the campus with Jorge Martinez, a member of Dr. Parra’s team. The campus has some great views of the nearby Saddle Mountain, Cerro de la Silla, and streamlined classrooms designed to facilitate group work and discussion.

img_0166 img_0164











Today we also had the group seminar where Dr. Parra’s finishing PhD students presented their work.


Also today, our passive samplers finally arrived and we can begin field work preparation. We will be deploying the SPMD and POCIS devices in the nearby Río la Silla. We will deploy upstream and downstream of the local wastewater treatment plant, this plant receives nearly 70% of all wastewater in the city.


Now to stop getting distracted by the beautiful surrounding of the campus and get to work!


Note: yes, those are peacocks wandering freely around campus.