Passive Sampling Project – Passive Sampling in Monterrey

14th Dec, 2015

By Lisa Jones (MESTECH).

Today we hit the road at 7 am from Tec de Monterrey after meeting to gather the equipment and load up the truck. We were equipped with bottles to provide us with 24L of water per site. This will be divided for extraction for PAHs, pesticides and pharmaceuticals tomorrow. I was travelling with Raul and Jorge, two members of Dr. Roberto Parra’s research group. They were great guides for the day and I owe them a debt of gratitude for their patience!














We set off to find locations upstream and downstream of the nearby wastewater treatment plant, ‘Planta Dulces Nombres.’ After some trekking and a lot of pot holes we managed to find 2 sites along the Arroyo La Talaverna that were both deep enough, remote, and had a constant flow.













Deploying the samplers and collecting the water was carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. This process was fuelled by the traditional ‘gorditas’ we picked up in the town of Dulces Nombres on the way (which were delicious!).



After deploying the samplers we headed for lunch. We were happy to escape from the 28C heat and 70% humidity for some traditional Monterrey ‘Arrachera’. We arrived back at Tec de Monterrey at 4pm and brought the samples and equipment into the lab for storage until extraction can begin tomorrow. I brought some Strata C18 and Strata X cartridges (Phenomenex) for these extractions.