Passive Sampling Project – En route to Monterrey

9th Dec, 2015

By Lisa Jones (MESTECH).

Today was all about getting to Monterrey and settled in on campus at Tenológica de Monterrey before starting work tomorrow.

Luckily there are direct flights from Puebla airport to Monterrey, and the flight takes only about an hour and a half. This got me to Monterrey around lunchtime. Below is a picture of what looks like an algal bloom along the coast south of Monterrey taken from the plane.


The campus here in Monterrey is very large and modern. As with UDLAP, security is strict.


It was interesting to see clear skies, green and aztec patterns outside, while inside there are wreaths and Christmas trees on display!
There is a large pond in the center of campus and a number of ducks roaming freely between the bikes and benches.












Tomorrow morning I will be meeting Sara Cuellar, a member of Dr. Roberto Parra’s team in the Centro del Agua, at 9.15 am to start the project.